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How often should I test my pool/spa water?

How often should I shock my pool?

If my pool chemistry is out of balance, what is the order to get the water balanced?

What test kit is the easiest and most accurate to use?

How much does your computerized water analysis cost?

How often do I backwash my filter?

I have algae in my pool, how do I get rid of it?

How do I get rid of white, calcium build up off the waterline of my pool?

How long does my pool need to be filtered?

How often should the sand be changed in my sand filter?

How often should I replace the cartridge in my hot tub?

How often should I drain my spa/hot tub?

What is the correct water level for a swimming pool?

Can I apply chemicals through my pool skimmer?

Why is my pool pump so noisy?

Why do I want a salt water pool and what benefits can I expect?

I was told I have phosphates in my swimming pool water. What is this?

Why shouldn't I just buy the cheapest pool chemicals if the ingredients are the same?